Mother and son observed a UFO over the farm

UFO observationplace: Denmark (Accurate location kept secret)
Observations-date: A winter evening under World War II (1940-1945)
Observationstime: > 3 minute 
Eyewitnesses: 2

Erik Soendergaard tells:

"It was a  cold winter evening - during the occupation of Denmark (Second World War) - My mother and I was getting water from well to the animals in the stable.

Mother had a ordinary bucket in  one hand, and a larger one, we carried  between us; as I should use a hand to open and close the stabledoor..
We had to be aware of the heat in the stable, often, that the temperature came down  below zero , and for that matter, also in the farmhouse. While we were getting water,  something strange happened. Suddenly, it was light as day around us.
A soft, warm light, not dazzling to look at, and just above our heads, slightly over the gutter, there  was a great round disc  I don´t know how long.
© UFO-SANDHEDEN ®, Denmark by Poul-Erik Nielsen, - COPYRIGHT
I could see my mother was scared, while I was trusting and curious and observing it closely. However it flew on, and I saw it from the edge.
It was in the shape of a cigar, with dark fields, square with rounded corners.

At the time there was little knowledges about UFOs; but I felt something happened with me; it was as a boost, which made me more self-assured, just as I was enclosed with love and joy. My mother talked about the earth's downfall, and I could not tell anyone about the incident to anyone; she would never talk about it, even when we were alone. My father and  elderly Siblings for instance, never heard about experiencing".

Erik Soendergaard