Brother and sister observed a UFO
- Both were surprised and frightened -

Occurrence-date...: Juni, 1995, time: 10:00 a.m.
Observationsplace: Herrestrup, Sjaelland, Denmark
Eye witnesses.....: 2

Herrestrup, Denmark

Place for the UFO observation, Herrestrup, DenmarkThe eyewitness tells:

My brother and I lived with our foster parents on Sjaelland in Denmark
June 1995, I sow something I can not forget.

It was around 10 in the morning, the sun was shining and it was a warm lovely day, I looked out the window and sow a large UFO hovering - it was round and there was light flashing on it.

I stood still, and didn´t know what to do.
It´s hard to say how far away from me it was, but from where I was standing it was about 1 meter in diameter.

The color was grayish. I felt dumbfounded. In a way, I felt that I didn't dare to wake my little brother before the object was gone. I didn´t tell our foster parents about my experience, as I was convinced that they would think that I had gone mad.

Later on when I told them about my experience, they didn´t believe me, which makes me sad, because it true, I really saw it.
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