He got the UFO on tape

He got the UFO on tape!

Observationsplace: Vestsjaelland, Denmark

Observationsdate, March, 07, 2001

Information received March 11, 2001.

Vestsjaelland, Denmark

The eyewitness tell:

(we know the eyewitness name and address, and know the exact place for the observation. The eyewitness did not give us permission to bring his name and address, which we respects. we are waiting for the video as the eyewitness have told us that he will send to us).

The witness:

I am living on an old farm, in a small town called (currently detained), which falls under (detained) county in Denmark.
I am 31 years old, and is 100 % sane.

On, Wednesday 7. March 2001 about 11.30 pm, I was ready to go to. In the bedroom there was total darkness, but as I opened the door I saw something that looked like light from the garden.
I went to the window, to see if I could see something, perhaps it was the moon.

When I got to the window, it was suddenly dark again and I could not see the moon. I was surprised, over the incident, and I opened the window to get a better look.
When I look out of the window, I saw a strange thing, almost round, it is there in the air over my house, without sound of any kind, but it has light, which almost similar to red and orange colors. It is just here, says nothing, and not a sound could I hear.

I rush to the livingroom, to get my video camera, and then back to the bedroom. I see the thing hanging out there, about 500 meters from my house, and I´m recording it. I´m done recording, and turns off the camera.
I look out at the thing, which still remains there in the air. I stand and look at it, for about 10 to 15 minutes.

I bend down, to get some boxes, to put the camera on, so that it would not shaking so much, and then suddenly it´s has disappeared. I for one can´t see it any longer.

Video-admission of this incident is coming to us - when we have seen it, and analyzed it, will this be extended to the information.
Status: June, 2015: The eyewitness has never send us this video.

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