Boys saw a UFO as it flew just above them

Boys saw a UFO as it flew just above them!

Observationsplace: Thorsoe, Denmark

Observationsdate: Summer, 1982

Information received den 27. January 2002.

Thorsoe, Jutland, Denmark:

Boys UFO observation, Randers, Jylland, Denmark

The eyewitness tells:

(We know the eyewitness name and address)

In the summer of 1982 I was playing with my friend, we saw a UFO. Its elements were diffuse, because of the strong light, it sent, but I think it was a little elevated, and curved in the middle - but there was no sounds to hear.

Strangely enough, it did not hurt our eyes to look directly into the light. Strangely enough, the light did not hit us directly, although it was flying very low over us.

I remember this experience just as clearly as if it were yesterday, but as time has passed, I thought that it is perhaps was the imagination of two boys, because it was so  unreal - but that does not make any sense. 
It disappeared a little later with high speed but still without a sound.

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