Cabinetmaker getting a chok

Cabinet maker got a chock

Observationsplace: Aeroeskoebing, Denmark
Observations-date: January 24th, 1960

Aeroeskoebing, Denmark

The eyewitness tells:

"The day were saturday the 24. January 1960. It was a nice clear and frosty day, with a clear and clam sky.

When the cabinet maker stepped out of the shed, he saw a bluish light ball in field ahead of him some 25 meters away. It moved in a continual movement up - and down. He observe the object for some minutes , and then it moved about 30 meters to the east. Here it once more stood still for some minutes, just approximately 5 meters from the ground.

The witness run into the house to get his wife and mother-in-law. The mother-in-law went in back to the house soon after, she observed the object. The witness and his wife stood then respectively by the road and in the courtyard and observe the object , which now were hovering calm , vibrating a little. Now it went down to approximately 2 meter above the ground, and started to illuminate the earth in a different way than before, and more energetic.

The earth were covered with snow and ice , and the object was lighting it all up in many different colors, although most in blue.

After a moment the object turned diagonally upwards , and by now they could see, that the object were circular , and around it there seemed to be a blue ring, that was lighted by a smoke glow.

The object stood still for some minutes , and then disappeared with great speed, with not much light to the south south-west. The observation lasted about a quarter (15 minutes ).

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