The fox hunting was interrupted by a UFO

The fox hunting was interrupted by a UFO

Observationsplace: Oerby, Denmark
Occurrence-date: Thursday, August 27th. 1959

Oerby, Denmark

Location of Oerby, Denmark
The eyewitness tells:

The eyewitness, Mister Christian Raabjerg from the town Oerby were together with his twelve year old son, Ove, fox hunting , a peaceful Thursday the 27. of August.

Christian tells:

"My son and I were sitting down by the beach with our back against the water. We where sitting there without a sound, but suddenly the dog became agitated and started to whine"

"I turned around, to see if perhaps it was the fox, coming up from back of us, however instead I notices a
strange object hanging to the air, approximately 20 meters back a a couple of meters from the ground".

Mister Christian Raaberg, described the object as having the shape of a hat, with a slight down gliding underside. The light was sharp yellow, however with hue of blue. In the middle of the object he could see a square, where the light was more energetic than the rest of the object, which also was showing lights. The Witness continues:

"I said nothing to Ove, I just turned towards him again, and he asked: "did you see anything, dad ? " I replied "no", but he turned around, and jumped up screaming "what is that, dad ? I want to go home!". "certainly", I said, " I don´t known no what it is, I guess you could call it a flying saucer".

For about a minute father and son stood and observed the object. Then it went vertically up to the air, up to about 500 meters, and flew with lightning speed and almost no sound could be heard, in by Mols with the direction of north-west, and the father continues:

"My son and I turned around, collected our gear and then hurried on home. We had to go through a fenced swamp area, to get the nearest way home, and when we were reached the fence we turned our heads and saw, that the object were back, and stood almost in the same spot as before. It went to about 1.000 meters, stood still for a minute, and then disappeared fast to the south-west. "

Both father and son got a bad taste in their mouths during the observation (perhaps caused from shock and anxiety). Both would endure a bad stomach for four days after the observation.

The object were absolutely without sound during the observation, and
the observation lasted 20 minutes.

The same object were also seen from Helgenaes , where the observer wants to stay anonymous. He tells, that he, on the same evening between the time 08.30 p.m. and 09.30 p.m. from his window, that turns towards Begstrup Vig and Molshoved , saw a round light over Begtrup with western direction towards along Molshoved.

Christian Raabjerg

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