UFO landed at a farmer

UFO observationplace: Holbaek, Denmark
Observationsdate: Autumn, 1965, Time: 11:00 p.m.
Eye witnesses....: 1

Holbaek, Denmark

Location of Holbaek, Denmark
A farmer, that wants to stay anonymous, experience something, to him very odd, a autumn night around 11.00 p.m.:

The witness explains:

I stood behind the farm, and was looking out to the fields, when I suddenly saw a strange light, and thought to my self what it could be, and started that walk down there to get a closer look. When I was about a 100 meters from the light, I saw that that it was closest to purple, and there against the light I could see creatures (beings) moving. I could see, that there were windows at  the top from the object, and it was kind of cone-shaped. There were lifelike beings, there in the light of.

That dark object started, well, started and started , there was none there, and then it flew up and across me. The only thing I could hear was the sound from the air, like when swans is flying by"

When the farmer got approximately 100 meters from from the object, the lights on the object turned off.
After the experience the farmer felt bad and off-color, and because of this he went home, and to bed.

The next day he went back to the spot where the observation took place. He saw that some of the high-voltage wiring were damaged, the lower one had been dragged about 20 meters into the field.

At the spot there were something that resembled cotton, however it was much finer than cotton, and it did not feel like it either when it was in the hand.
"The cotton" didn´t have any color, not that he could describe anyhow. He took a handful of it and put it under a rock. 3 days later it had disappeared. At the landing spot, the grass were growing much more than the grass in the surrounding area.
There were no footprints to be found in the area.

Anonymous to the public

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