At that time the Air Force no were bright

When the Air Force didn´t know any better
- Observed UFO twice at the same day -

UFO observationplace: Roskilde, Denmark
Observations-date: October 30., 1954
Observationstime: 6 minutes 
Number of eyewitness: 2.

Roskilde, Denmark

Everything has a beginning, and everything is hard to explain in the beginning. This was also the case with the many UFO observation, that there reported from various places in Denmark (and for that matter also abroad)..

About this time, something strange happened in the Roskilde region. The eyewitness, Johannesen from, Roskilde, tells of this:
"For to be sure, that I was not tricked by optical illusion, I called my wife. When she come out, and got her glasses on, she saw the same as I did !.

Out there by the creek, flew a round , white illuminated thing, a object of some kind. That circled around with high speed, but didn´t leave a light tail. It could not have been a  meteorite or a shooting star, since the phenomenon stayed in the sky for a very long time, and it didn´t followed a straight line, but was circling, as mentioned before"

After six minutes the object disappeared in the horizon, and Johannesen went back to the livingroom. After 15 minutes he looked out the window and the object was there again, however it disappeared completely after this.
Tage Johannesen called the airport in Vaerloese the next day, and the result was that, the watchman said that, no machines from mars had asked for landing permission.

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This observation occurred in 1954, and then there was not much knowledge of flying saucers objects and visitors from out space to our planet, a lot of people didn´t grasp that the possibility even existed.
 [Poul Erik Nielsen ] understand these people very well, since I first found the naked truth after I stood face to face with the by i found why too ultimate themselves the naked and clear truth , after i stood face to face with they aliens, in 1969.


Tage Johanesen

© UFO-SANDHEDEN ®, Denmark by Poul-Erik Nielsen, - COPYRIGHT