Motor cyclist discovers a UFO
- Certify by the Police, Holstebro and the Air Command, Karup -

UFO observationplace: Holstebro, Denmark
Observationsdate..: August, 5th, 1975, Time: 12:45 a.m.
Observationstime..: 10 minutes
Eye witnesses.......: 2 plus photos

Holstebro, Denmark:

Location in Denmark for this ufo observationTuesday evening, the 5. of august 1975, eighteen year old Henrik Alm was driving from Holstebro to Skive at his motorcycle.
At the back seat he had a friend. When they reached the exit road to Borbjerg, they saw strong illuminated object with a ring around it. The light from the object, was the same color as the moon, however the ring changed between a greenish and violet color, furthermore there were two smaller lights on each side of the object.

They two young men stopped and watched the phenomenon for five to ten minutes, and they saw, the object performing some 90 degrees turns.
Henrik Alm drew home to Borbjerg, and from there he called the police station in Holstebro and the Air Command in Kastrup. The time were around 01.00 a.m..

At the air command, senior sergeant Per Nielsen was on duty. In a short period of time, he finds that there were no civil or military aeroplane in the air in the time of question. Per Nielsen didn´t rely on the technic, and had have been out to get a look for himself.
He tells: " I saw with certainty a highly illuminated object, the altitude was approximately 4.000 feet to the north-west of Karup. The object could be seen clearly for approximately 30 minutes, and was blinking sharp with red, green and white light. Unfortunately I could not make out the shape of the flying object, however I have no doubt that, it was a UFO. "

The Police in Holstebro sent out a police car to look at the matter. The policeman could certify, that there were unknown flying object in the sky.

The 6th of august the policeman was interviewed by the local radio, and the policeman again verified the incident.
Nielsen from the Air Command in Karup received a warning, because he had published the event.

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