A object floats to the family ...

A object hovered to family ...

Observationsplace: Tindbæk, Denmark
Observationsdate: May, 04. 1967
Eye witnesses: 3

Tindbaek, Denmark

Location of Tindbaek, Denmark
The 4th of may 1967 Thomas Traasdal Moeller, his wife and niece was outside to say goodbye some guests, when....... in his own words:

"The weather was lovely, and we decided to stay out for a while. When the weather allows it, we often go around for a couple of hours."

Around 11.00 p.m. Dorthe and Henny saw, at the triangle, thats just below The Plough, a little red thing, which were running  between all asterisks in all directions, and at times there were several of them. We became very eager and started to look at the whole, and I believe me, there were things to see".

In next two to three hours were there continual activity round south. "Strangely enough it all turn happened to the south, and turned to southwest and then to the east, and then up and down back to the south again"

"I stood and followed a aeroplane, that were passing through approximately two kilometers away, when my wife to southwest saw a green thing that were taking needle pin turns,  approximately 500 meter forth and 500 meter back."

"I went inside to get our sun lamp, and with a magazine I started to flash the light, I thought I had to do something to get there attention".

"My wife and Dorthe started to glance to the north-east , and then the events started to speed up. At first there were some red dots, and then a red line with some green dots. Then we saw something, we first believed was a big star, however it started to move; first very slowly, then it began to swing and move in a king of zigzag way, then it disappeared, and came back at approximately 60 degrees height."

"Two Illuminated balls went down behind the hills to the north-east. We went well half down the hill, while I was flashing with the light from a electric torch. When one of the objects came up to us. It could be seen behind a tree. it had a dim color, a color my niece later described as a lazy pale color. The tree were visible with sharps edges. We were scared and didn´t dare no walk any further, we went back about ten meters instead. We tried so go another way, to get behind the. We were not scared enough, so we wanted to get a look at it from behind. However there wasn't more to see."

"We looked back up and saw three objects, and they were moving in a triangle. Still looking up, we began to go home, and now all seemed in chaos, we thought everything was moving. However the time was two or three in the morning, and a new day was about to break."

"When we got back to the house we looked to see, if something was happening to the south, and there was this weak yellowish thing, there went into to meadow some 500 meters away. After approximately 10 seconds the light went out. Half minute later it came up over the meadow and towards us. A light-red light with a red magnetic core, is wasn´t  transparent. We hurried inside, we were not so brave anymore. We peeked out the windows, but we did not see anything."

"Later, when we had relaxed for a while, we took the car and went to the place, but did not find anything. The time were when four-thirty. we also tried to find the place in broad daylight, but we could not find anything."
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