House painter getting unexpected visitors...
- The object was hovering only six meters from the car -

UFO Observationsplace.: Gyldenholm, Denmark
Observationsdate...: April 27th. 1960, Time: 03:30 a.m.
Eye witnesses........: 1

Gyldenholm, Sjaelland, Denmark:

Location of Gyldenholm, DenmarkThe 27th. of april 1960, approximately at 03.30 a.m., the 31 year old house painter (that wish to be anonymous ), was approaching manor of Gyldenholm. Without being able to explain how, he began to feel as if he was being watched.

After passing the manors plantation, he got to the  open fields. Here his eye caught a lightning ring in the sky. It came closer, and in no time it has moved all the way up to him. At the same time his car came to a standstill, in the exact same time as the object appeared.

The object was hovering only six meters from the car. Three telescopes or some kind of landing gear, came out from the bottom, while a cylinder slipped down between them. The object resembled "two large bowls, there were laid against each other with two wide illuminated belts round the center". In the lower part there were three illuminated spots, which could resemble some kind of port hole.

Then three little character appeared forth from the opening of the cylinder, they were around one meter high. By soft graceful movements they started to approach the wagon..

The beings split up themselves
The beings split up themselves and moved to each side of the wagon. He noticed, that they had shining suits on, and had a foreign symbol at the chest. During all this he was not able to move. Despite this, he felt no fear, however had a sensation that, it was a kind precaution from the beings.

They applied some torch-looking sets at the wagon. He could see that they moved there lips, but heard no more than a weak buzzing sound during the whole incident.
Shortly after they went back to vessel, where they disappeared into cylinder opening with a elegant jump. In no time the object disappeared in the sky to the south-west.
They left three imprint, that were hot, when you stuck a hand into they.

Anonymous to the public

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