Saw object fly at low altitude.
- Observed UFO through 20 minutes -

UFO Observationsplace.: Fjeldborg, Denmark
Observationsdate...........: January, 1977, Time: 06:40 p.m.
Observationstime...........: 20 minutes
Eye witnesses................: 1

Received: January, 2002

Fjeldborg, Denmark:

Location of Fjeldborg, Denmark
The eyewitness tells:

I'll tell you about a experience, I had 22 years ago, an experience I so far only have told my nearest friends.

I can´t remember the exact time of my observation, however it was around january 1977.
It was a evening, and it was freezing around minus 10
° C, and there wasn´t a cloud in the sky and very bright moonlight.
I was driving on my bicycle, approximately 3.5 km. west from Fjeldborg in Jutland, Denmark, and the time were approximately 06.40 p.m. when I for reasons unknown look up in the sky, and notices something that looks like a big stare, that suddenly lights up very sharp, and then turns off again.

I wonder what the phenomenon was, and continue on my bicycle. Approximately 300 meter away I pass a farm on my right side. When I have passed the farm, I notices a flying object, thats coming behind me to the  right, at a distance of approximately 100 meter. 
The object fliess  approximately 5-10 meters above the ground, and has twinkle lamps, that switches between red and green. Suddenly the lights went off and the object go down in some trees (almost like a little forest), and the disappears.

Approximately 2 kilometers up the road, it appears behind me again, again with the same red and green light.
The passes the road approximately 400 meters behind me and flies against Fjeldborg city and over the forest to the East, with treetop height and the same low speed, and I hear none sound or noise of any kind. The episode lasted about 20 minutes".

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