Twelve  year young girl observed UFO
come pending against her from they open fields -

Observationsplace: Svinninge, Sjaelland, Denmark
Observations-date: August 25th, 1980

Informationen received August 26., 2002.

Svinninge, Denmark

Location of Svinninge, Denmark
The today 34 year old woman (year 2002), Anne (surname and address detained), had a bizarre experience, an august evening in 1980.

The eyewitness tells:
I was twelve year old, when i so something unusual.
It was the 25th of august 1980, the weather was clear and nice. I was After dinner I went outside to enjoy the lovely late summer.
I sat at a bench in the garden and just looked around relaxing, as any other 12 year girl would have done.

The drawing made of the eyewitness, Anne
Eyewitness Anne's private drawing of UFO Sighting, August 25.1980

The time was around 07.30 p.m., and it was warm, clear and calm weather. I lived with my parents at a small farm, near Svinninge, and it was placed so that I had, open fields around me, and I could see for a long distance in all directions.

As I was sitting there, I suddenly saw something that came from the behind and towards me  a UFO. I satyed on the bench, and stared at this strange vessel or thing, that were hovering close to the ground.

I could hear hear no sound sound, that there normally would be  from a engine-driven thing. I satyed on the bench with no fear. The object or UFO come pending in from North-east against SouthEast , and stopped very close to me, possibly
only 15 meter from me. It stopped in the air, and was hovering in the air.

(The drawing to the left are made by eyewitness, Anne, to illustrate the object that she saw).

If I had to describe what I saw, I would say it looked like a jellyfish - like the ones found in the sea. It was the same shape, and it was transparent and at the bottom it had the a number of little "gas - blue lights".
When "the object" had been there about half a minute, the top started light with weak red light, and the  the object went towards the South-East with high speed.

I was completely calm during the  observation, and at no time did I feel fear by the unknown object, however I felt that I was somehow being observed.

Anne (surname and adress detained).

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