Observed a mysterious object
Experience and so anything whole strange to say to Faelledparken -

UFO observationplace: Copenhagen, Denmark

Observations-date: Summer, 1970
Information recieved: November 02, 2002

Copenhagen, Denmark

Location of Copenhagen, DenmarkThe witness has never before told anyone about this incident, in fear of the reactions that will follow, as it does almost every time.
Now it is time for the witness to tell about the observation in his own words :

The eyewitness tells:

"A summer evening In 1970, I was in Faelledparken, (area around Copenhagen) and was looking at the stars. Suddenly I saw a illuminated object, that was moving from the west to the south. Is was about the size of a big star.

It could have been a aeroplane - however the velocity was much faster.

I don´t know the distance from where I was sitting to the object, but it was quite significant.

I thought that it could have been a satellite. But suddenly the object stood still, and then moved back to the spot from where it came".

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