She meet aliens on her way back!
- A belated evening walk getting a 25 young woman a shock -

UFO observationplace: Hilleroed, Denmark
Observations-date.: October 10th, 2002, 11.23 p.m.
Observations-time.: > 2 minutes
Eye witnesses......: 1

Hilleroed, Denmark

Location of Hilleroed, Denmark
Aliens at obviously street to Hilleroed, Denmark

The witness, a 25 year old Danish woman, who wants to be anonymous.
She saw something the 10th of October 2002 around 11.13 p.m., when she was on her way back home, after dropping a friend off at the bus stop. We´ll let the witness define the observation in her own words:

The eyewitness explains:

"When my girlfriend was leaving, after a cozy visit, I followed her, together with my dog, to the bus stop.
We departed, and when the bus were gone, I started, together with the dog, to walk back home.
I suddenly see something standing approximately 25 meters from me, and
it only stood there and looked at me.

That strange thing or being, were approximately 150 cm, gray-brown in color (however a bit difficult to see in the dark) long legged childish body, bold brain and eyes so heavy like a aged Danish 5-krone coin (look at the picture).
The beings eyes was so big like this coinIt sent out a sound, that sounded like when metal are in motion .... or ..... yes , it is hard to actually describe for sure. I just stood there, and we looked at each other for about 2 minutes, however it did not feel like a long time. The reason I known this for sure, is because I known what time the bus drove, and what time I was back in my apartment. It was exactly 11.23 p.m., when I saw the strange being.
I was literally white of from and ran as fast as I could, with the dog beside me, up in my apartment, where I told my husband, what I had seen. I was very scared and I was freezing like never before.

I have never in my life seen something like that, and it should be said, that I´m a clairvoyant, and it is a custom for me to see and hear things that dos not's scare me, however this experience scared me for real anyway"

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