Paralyzed by UFO

Observationsplace: Vejle, Denmark
Observations-date: autumn, 1977


Location of Vejle, DenmarkThe withness tells:

A Friday night, or rather Saturday morning clock 00:20 decided Mr. Rene Christiansen, who lives in Finlandsparken, Vejle, to go for a walk with his yellow labrador.
It was a quiet night, however, slightly chilly, but still lovely, considering the time of year (autumn 1977).
He walked on the street with name "Moldevej", which run to the west and then turns 90° to the south.

Half way through Moldevej, Rene Christiansen spotted a object, which came parallel with Moldevej just above the buildings, and it was moving towards him. It looked like a kind of enlightened circle.
The silent object come the the spot where Rene and his dog was standing, stopped just above them and lighted an enormous, dazzling, blue-white light, which formed a circle of approximately 30 meters on the ground.

© UFO-SANDHEDEN ®, Denmark by Poul-Erik Nielsen, - COPYRIGHT
Both he and the dog was paralyzed, and he have no idea how long they were paralyzed - maybe 10 seconds. Suddenly the light went off, and immediately the dog ran with his tale between the legs, and Rene Christiansen followed the dog  - in horror.
At home the dog was trembling and shivering by the door.

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