Four policemen observed a UFO
- Four policemen saw a UFO - drove to the policestation and wrote a report -

Observationsplace: between the towns Herning and Holstebro, Denmark
Observationsdate..: August 16th., 1975
Eye witnesses......: 4

Holstebro, Denmark

Location of Herning - Holstebro, Denmark
Associates at the Holstebro Police observed late tuesday evening a UFO in the field between Herning and Holstebro, so the police informs.

The UFO were observed the first time by two policemen on motorcycles, who drove to a phone booth and told the policeman on duty at the Holstebro Police about the observation. From Holstebro a police car was sent out to the field, and both the policeman in the car made the same observation during their three and half an hour. After this they drew to the station and wrote a report.

The UFO was described as being the size of a ordinary plane, oval, and by with a pillar in the middle. It is established, that it was not a aero plane or thing like that, that could immediate accountable for the object, so the police informs.
This statement is coming from air force base Karup, where the officer on duty, also observed the phenomenon, according to the police.

UFO over Odense, also
The object, that the four policemen observe, is apparently also noted in Odense.
When Carl Madsen, Carit Etlarsvej 43 in Odense, was looking at the sky with his binoculars, Tuesday about 10.30 p.m., he saw a big grey grey thing with black oblique stribes pass by.
It was not making any sound, were presumably a score meter long and had greenish phosphours lightning spots.
The height were roughly estimated to 500 meters and the speed were about 600 km /t.
It was moving steady from the east towards the west. Mister Carl Madsen don´t known what it was he saw. In his mind it was not a plane, a chopper or a meteor.

Carl Madsen

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