UFO-phenomenon over Hellested
- a citizen in Copenhagen had a experience that he will never forget -

UFO observationplace: Hellested, Denmark
Occurrence-date: December 20th.,1975, Time: 04:27 p.m.
Eye witnesses...: 1

Hellested, Denmark

Location of Hellested, Denmark

There have been UFOs over Hellested this christmas month.

This is the believes of a nature loving taxi driver from Hvidovre. On wednesday the 10th of december 1974 he was in his hunting area in Hellested, and tells the following:

"I had been duck hunting, without any great success.
The weather was clear and calm, so I placed me self in a spot so I could enjoy the lovely colors in the sky to the west after sunset.

When I turned to look at the sky to the east, I saw something I first thought was a big star, until it started to move to the west, that is towards me.
Maybe a plane, I thought until I became aware of the great size and speed, as it increased in size as it came closer. In a oblique bend it came downwards, until it suddenly stopped approximately a
100 meters from the ground, not very far from me."

"I´'ve never been a big fan of 'the myth that never will die'. The myth about UFO's or flying saucers, or what we should call it; however now there was such a thing, all motionless to the air not far from me.
The ring around it were shining bluish, the top part were orange lighting, while the smaller lower part seemed dark or black to me.

As I was looking at the approximately 30 meters big object, it switched-on two gigantic lights, each of them were approximately five meters in diameter.
I clearly saw the bend ´glass' in each ´eye´, and
I felt them as eyes, a lot of eyes, because they were split up into cells, if anything in was in the shape of inside from a beehive. Kind of small prisms. I sensed a strong feeling of peace, and I lost track of time - and place.
"The light was not blinding, but soft and beautiful. The most beautiful experience, I´ve had like two diamantes' disclosed from behind. I came back from my trance when the lights suddenly went out, without any sound, and the UFO turned, accelerated very fast and disappeared in a matter of seconds to the north-east. I realized then, that I´ve been looking at it for two minutes, because it was arrived at 04.27 p.m."

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