UFOs over Silkeborg
- More eyewitness in Aarhus saw huge UFO in daylight, 1983 -

Observationsplace: Silkeborg, Denmark
Occurrence-date: 1983

Silkeborg, Denmark

Location of Silkeborg, Denmark
UFOs over Silkeborg
The area around Silkeborg were yesterday evening visited by two UFOs. A heavy light of color unknown were spotted in the early evening from the town Galten. They went towards Silkeborg, so the eyewitness tells. And at 10.00 p.m. a rouge UFO were seen downtown in Silkeborg. it was reported that it disappeared towards Braedstrup.

The police in Silkeborg, that both observation is made by trustworthy persons, and that they have no doubt that there has been a light phenomenon there. "
But at the moment have we daily reports of UFOs", says the police. "It has been calm in the late summer, until we started to get these reports some eight days ago."

UFOs is a sightings is known around Silkeborg. A person has several times, called the neighbour, when a UFO were spotted, and they have confirmed the observation. "I have not seen it since I was boy" says the police officer on duty. "Back then there were 'lightmen' by meadow. We have a agreement here at the police station, if one of us us the policeman would see a UFO, he will be alarming the others. We always look up in the sky, when we are patrolling at night. What do we do with the calls ? We write them on the minute report. It´s all we can do."

Cigar-shaped UFO seen over Aarhus in daylight
The so-called unidentificied objects, UFO, has been seen in the sky over Denmark lately, and quite a extraordinary observation even in the profession, were made by several people in the university park in Aarhus. Among them were a business man from Aarhus, Mr. Ivan Christensen, Illerupvej 37, Aarhus N, that were walking in the park together with his wife."

The time was 02.55 p.m.", says Mr. Ivan Christensen, "and we had just parking our car, when my wife said: Look up there!". "I discovered, that several others in parking was looking up in the sky, and I spotted a strange object in the sky.
It was impossible to tells the distance. It might as well have been 40 kilometres, however
the object were very clear to see. It was a gray cylinder formed thing ... you could almost call it a 'flying silo'. The had yellowish lightning at the end. It was maneuvering in the sky. At first it stood almost bended in the sky and later diagonally in the sky, and then vertically again. I'll believe that, we observed it for about five minutes, before it disappeared"

"I don´t know, what it was. However it was not a airplane. I've heard about flying saucers, but have never believed it to be true, but now I am convinced about there existence. It was in no way optical illusion, and it is certain, as various other people can verify what I saw."

Ivan Christensen 

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