Met a spaceship on the main road
- The UFO was coming direct against him -

Grenaa, Denmark
Location of Grenaa, Denmark

mbulance-driver choking experience on the road towards Grenaa.

The Stationmaster, Mr. Arne Pedersen, zone rescue-corps in Grenaa, called the police station sunday night at 01.55 a.m., and said that he had, had by a choking experience in connection with a phenomenon.

The Stationmaster were driving in the ambulance on Gjerrild-road, towards Grenaa. On his way down the hill known as Bavnehoej came a strong illuminated object to him at the roadway, so it is written in the newspaper 'Aarhus Amtstidende'.

At kilometers distance his was blinded. He turned the lights of the ambulance down, however the light from the other object were getting stronger. When the distance were a brief 100 meters, be at liberty to Pedersen had to brake.
Ambulance-driver choking experience on the road

In that instant, the object changed it´s course, and disappeared up a 1,25 meter slope, and rose to a altitude of approximately 100 meters, and flew with high speed to the west where it disappeared.
Together with the policeman, Mr. Felix Joergensen, Grenaa, performing with the stationmaster, a search of the sighting immediately after the call came in, but there was nothing to be found.
"I have never believed in flying saucers", says the stationmaster to the police, "but now there is no way around it. I can not explain this. It was very choking to me."

The police questioned him thorough about the incident, however he could only say that, when he was driving the ambulance his senses were all at high alert, and that the phenomenon does not have a natural explanation.

Felix Joergensen

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