Chased by object three quarters of an hour
Two young anglers from Funen prosecuted from UFO  -

UFO observationsplace: Ullerslev near Nyborg, Denmark
Observations-place: Ullerslev near Nyborg
Observations-time: 45 minutes
Eye witnesses: 5

Also published in the newspaper 'Fyns Tidende', february 28th., 1974

Nyborg, Denmark

Location of Ullerslev and Nyborg, Denmark
Two young angler friends, DSB-worker Mr. Per Ole Frantsen and blacksmith Mr. Verner Petersen, from Langeland and Ullerslev near Nyborg, were sunday morning around 06.00 p.m chased by a UFO three quarters of an hour, while driving in the car  to car to Hesselager to do some fishing.

Mr. Per Ole Frantsen were going to Ullerslev to pick up a friend, when he on right side on the highway saw a round, illuminated  thing, with green - yellowish lightball on the top. 'The spot' came closer and closer to the car, and when Mr. Per Frantsen got to Ullerslev, went the object was hanging at Ullerslev Church as high as the church tower.
© UFO-SANDHEDEN ®, Denmark by Poul-Erik Nielsen, - COPYRIGHT
"There's anything peculiar, chasing after me", Per said to his tired friend, and continued: "come out and have a look for yourself!".

"You got to be kidding me", was the friends reaction. However a moment later he too saw the mysterious object at Bondemosen. somewhat shaking they started the car and began driving to Nyborg, with the illuminated object following the car and at one time they estimated that the distance to the car was only some hundred meters.
Once or twice the UFO crossed the main road. Per Frantsen says, that they were overtaken by three cars, of which both the driver and passenger were looking at the weird thing.

© UFO-SANDHEDEN ®, Denmark by Poul-Erik Nielsen, - COPYRIGHT
Stood still in the air
The object stopped at Nyborg harbor, where a couple of ferrys were about to leave. "At Holckenhavn the object was once again were on the side of the car" they tell. We stopped, rolled down the window and listened for engine noise, however there were none.
By means of a high voltage pole we could see, that the object once again stood still in the air", they said unanimously.
When they started to drive again, the object followed the car. When they stopped in Hesselager, the UFO disappeared over Storebaelt towards Langeland.

Per Ole Frantsen
Verner Petersen