UFO made the car stop

UFO made the car stop
When the light and engine of the car went out, he saw an object -

UFO observationsplace: Between Odense and Asperup, Denmark
Occurrence-date: January, 07, 1974

by Poul-Erik Nielsen, Denmark

Odense, Denmark

Location of Asperup, Denmark
On Monday the 7. january 1974 a UFO was observed in Funen, Odense, Denmark.
The witness, a person from Odense, was driving from from Braendekilde through Ravnebjerg to Elmelund.
When he around 11.30 p.m. was getting close to Elmelund, he suddenly saw a strange object, approaching the car from about 300 meters up in the sky. The object was gray. The size of the object was like a danish 2-krone with outstretched arms.

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On the top of the object there were something, that resembled two portholes with red light, and at the bottom there were two orange-yellow lights, there had a constantly sharp light.

When the object were nearest to the car, it illuminated it completely, and the driver went out and to the back of the car. However the light moved, as if it was following him. After being at the back of the car for awhile, he went back into the car, still keeping an eye on UFO.

suddenly the object went up object, at first very slowly and then with great speed to the sky. A second after the UFO were out of sight, the light and engine of the car worked again.

The driver wasn't really sure of what it was he saw, he thinks it could be some kind of space capsule..

© UFO-SANDHEDEN ®, Denmark by Poul-Erik Nielsen, http://www.ufo-sandheden.dk - COPYRIGHT
The next day a UFO was spotted near Asperup (marked with white on the card above). The time of observation was around 03.15 p.m. and lasted approximately 1½ minute.

The object came into sight behind a farm, approximately 500 meters from the witness, and moved slowly over a road and passed a electricity pole, when it got passed it it went slowly upwards. Thereafter it turned towards the southwest and disappeared looking like a oblong, illuminated object into the forest

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