Object glided over Bagsvaerd
- When she was waiting for her daughter, she was getting something else to think about -

UFO Observationsdate: 1973, evening
Eye witnesses..............: 3

Bagsvaerd, Denmark

Location of Bagsvaerd, Denmark
The witness, Mrs. Eva Knudsen from Bagsvaerd in Denmark, mother to a daughter, was one evening waiting for her daughter.
When she looked out the window to look for the daughter, she got a different view.

She explains:

"One night I was sitting by the windows waiting for my daughter and her friend, both had been out baby sitting. The time was around 12.30 a.m."

"As I´m sitting there I glance at the end of the house, and suddenly there is a bright light, I thought that it was A.B (lights from a football field), that was switched-on.
But to my surprise I saw, a round object calmly pending in the air, with a smaller upper part. it appeared to the lights came from the bottom of the object. It stood all calm in the air, and i could not hear the smallest sound from it."
I felt a strange sensation

"Then I saw the girls arrival round the corner and stand calmly, they were also looking down to the hill, and they did not dare to walk any further. I called them, and they ran to the entrance.
They were both feeling strange, and we sat for a long time and looked at the object, and at last it glided up again, and disappeared, still without any sound".

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Eva Knudsen