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Five UFOs in close formation
Mother and daughter observed UFO formations in daylight -

UFO-Observationsplace...: Gug near Aalborg, Denmark
Observations-date.: The spring of 1954
Eye witnesses..........: 2

Also published in the newspaper B.T. in Denmark, March, 11., 1978.

Aalborg, Denmark

Location of Aalborg, Denmark
The eyewitness, Mrs. Lillian Wedel Daugaard and her mother saw in daylight five huge UFOs. Mrs. Lillian Wedel Daugaard is telling:

"In the spring of 1954, I stood in the park with my mother in Gug near Aalborg, Denmark.
The sun was shining from a cloudless sky, and everything was calm. A wonderful spring day. My mother was in the garden and I was looking at a bird, when I suddenly saw five huge, all noiseless silver glossy cigarformed UFOs."

© UFO-SANDHEDEN ®, Denmark by Poul-Erik Nielsen, - COPYRIGHT
"They flew in formations like the wild ducks do. I followed them a couple of seconds, and then called my mother, and we watched them for awhile, they moved fast but with no sound.
My mother called our neighbour, that were walking on the other side of the hedge and said: "Look, Karen, look at the flying saucers", however in that second the UFOs  disappeared, as if we had an on and off switch."

© UFO-SANDHEDEN ®, Denmark by Poul-Erik Nielsen, - COPYRIGHT
"We never told anyone about our observations, in fear that no one would believe us."

Lillian Wedel Daugaard