UFO glides over a car
- strange experience for a young 24-year-old man -

Observationsplace: Vejle, Denmark
Observationsdate: September 29., 1995.

Vejle. Denmark
Location of Vejle, Denmark

It is friday evening. A 24 years young man from Aalborg in Denmark are driving south to visit his parents. He is driving in his car, a BMW 320 from 1981, and only his dog, a black labrador is with him in the car.

It is dark, however dry weather and a clear sky. The temperature outside is more than 10 degrees C, and there's hardly any traffic. He has passed Give and is approaching a left turn by a forest called Smidstrup bush and Tykhoejet Krat.

He slows down and passed a road on his right that leads towards Billund. Vejle is not far away, and he is looking forward to see his parents.

In the road curve his speed is about 60 km/t. The watch shows 09.30 p.m., but suddenly he sees that the speedometer points fast to the maximum, and the other instruments begins to behave strange.

All instruments is switching up and down, and the RPM is in the red area, while thermometers is also in the red area, here the pin stands and tremble. And now the windscreen wiper is starting with high speed - and they're not switched-on at all! He tries to move the  windscreen wiper, however he could not control them......
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The car lost the light and the engine stopped.... when....
The dog begins begins to act agitated in the back seat, and he has to command it to lay down. The car is approaching a parking spot right side of the road, when he notices, that the light on the car starts to act abnormal. They change in strength, and he notices, how the engine of the car begins to „break down“. It is, as the thing known as  „drowning“ that´s when the engine gets too much gasoline. He is trying to keep it running by pushing the gas pedal. The is without any luck. The engine stops at last, and the car is standing in total blackout on the highway....

As he is nervously looking out the front windows, he is glancing in the back mirror the see if traffic is approaching - and in fear of this he is trying to start the car once again. He turns the  ignition, but nothing happens. There is no light in the charging lamp, everything is dead.

He notices that the digital lights in the cars watch is weak. To his surprise the displays don´t show the current time, but 88.88.88
! He feel that, as if all time has stopped, but he is still attempting to start the car. There has to be a little power left, the watch has light. However there are none.

After three or four attempts to start the car, he suddenly feels a strange  stuffy feeling from above a form of physical influence, which is hard to describe.

Except for the agitated dog, all is calm, and he looks surprised around, while he making another attempt to start the car. There now gone under 20 seconds after the first the abnormal activity.

Without warning and without sound, a huge light almost 'explods' on the car.
The light is coming from  above, and is blinking or throbbing fast with some weird intervals.

He looked out of the windscreen, and saw a gigantic huge saucers above. He is scared, but opens the left front door, putting the left foot on the road, lean the upper part of the body forth, while the left hand has a grip on the top of the door, and the right hand he keeps on the steering wheel. He is looking around to get a glimpse of what is hanging above him. When the lights turn on, the dog gets really scared, it is whining and tries to hide. The dog is attempting to „dig“ his way out the front seat, but of course have to give it up. There's no room.

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The light is blinding, and he has to pinch his eyes. He notices a extensive saucer, 12-15 meter in diameter, only 3-4 meters above the car. The saucers outer border is dark, seen with sky as background. A bit further inside number of concentric circles of light can be seen, they get closer and closer the more you get to the center of the saucer.

Each light circle consists of "lamps", there sits at equal distance the whole way around. The single „lamp“ consists of two „circles“ like a light bulb in the middle of a „reflector“. The light it self like neon, and each "lamp“ light is as energetic as a halogenlamp.

Near the center of the saucer, is the light so sharp, that is not po
ssible to see any details. It is impossible to tell, if there is one extensive „lamp“, or just a lot of the  little, close to each other in the middle. He notices, that the light is seriously limited.

When he a moment later gets back into the car and after closing the door, he notice that the light discloses the whole area to both sides around the car, including the verge, and no longer. That is all sharply delimited. The road are more wider than normal on the area, because here is an extra road for drivers that would turn towards Billund.

The light is white and blue-purple, it is like the light from welding, but not so sharp. It is „quivering“ in  a strange way.

He rolls the window down, lays the arm and head forward. He looks up, but is very aware of traffic coming from behind. He turns his head backwards several times, without using the mirrors.

After a short time he gets back into the car, then he notices, that the lights are slowly fainting, as when you turn down the lights. A moment the lights has the power of positioning light of a car, however it is still blinking or „quivering“.

He looks out the windscreen and then notice, that the disc is slowly moving forward, ahead of him. It continues to the nearby trees. Still with low altitude, and when it reaches the trees, it has to  literally "rock" the left side to stay clear of the trees. It continues with weak light and disappears out of sight in a matter of seconds, and still without any sound.

He now its in the dark, still on the road. The dog is still highly agitated, and he is attempting to make it calm, while he thinks about what just happened.

Some time later, possibly 3-4 minutes after the saucer has disappeared, he turns the ignition, to see if there is power. The charging lamp is lighting, and he notices at once, that the digital clock actually displays the time, and he notices, that the time is 09.21 p.m.. The key turns all way around, and the engine is starting at once, the light is normal, and all the instruments are working normal.

He is still scared - the legs quiver - however he starts to drive again. That first bit of time he is not driving faster than 70 km/t., but is speeding up as he comes to peace with what just happened. After driving 35 km he reaches his parents home. He tells at once, what there's happened. The experience is still affecting him. The parents told him to talk to someone. There has to be some "ufo-people" you can call. However he is to scared and shaken up to be calling anybody.  

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