A family observed more than 25 UFOs
UFO observationplace: Oede Foerslev Praetemark near Haslev, Denmark
Observations-date: The summer 1977 about 10.00 p.m. and 01.00 a.m.
Observationstime: About 30 minutes.
Eyewitness: 4  

Information received: june 12th, 2004

Oede Foerslev near Haslev, Denmark
Family observate more than 25 UFOs

A lovely summer in 1977, a family was enjoying coffee and cake with the neighbour on a farm.

At one time the hostess was going out to get something at the back of the farm, and suddenly sees a large 'gold ball' in the sky, moving slowly. She tells:

"I wanted to run inside and get the others, but in a second it disappeared just straight up and away! So I continued with my business, not giving in a second thought."

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When the time was around 11.00 p.m., we said good night to our neighbours. When we stood out there and said goodbye, it came again this strange 'gold ball' and was moving towards a bigger city (Haslev), approximately 10 kilometers from here. We looking at the 'object' , and actually notices that there coming several 'gold ball' out from it, or thats the way it looks, there are at least 25 of them. They are moving around and some of them are coming towards us. We were four adults, normal and sober.."

"We were sober, and were not under the influenced of alcohol or any kind of drugs. As a matter of fact it looked lovely as they were moving up there in all directions. There were not a sound to be heard. After we had looking at these  objects, they were like equals 'sucked' back into the large object, and then it rose straight up into sky and disappeared. It did some strange 'somersault' underway, and thats either a plane or a charter plane!"

UFO Observationsarea marked with red.

The area marked with red is the area where Karen and three other adults observed a lot of UFOs.

"We went back inside, and made us ready for the night. However I had difficulty settling down, after the strange experience , that I (we) just had. Perhaps I had just fallen to sleep, however I woke up about 01.00 a.m. and did not feel felt that I could relax. I got up and dressed and then went into the garden. I turned my eyes towards the sky, and I felt a strange sensation as I once again saw the peculiar thing, I am calling a 'gold ball'. It was moving towards the north, but suddenly it moved back into the position it was just coming from."
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I couldn´t tell how big the object were, it is difficult to guess. However, we all saw it with our own eyes. And it was not something natural or something that could be explained. The way the object was moving, no aeroplane can do that, and meter rock can not come and go, or change it´s direction like that."

"I have until now held my mouth closed, so that people not should point at me and say, that I am crazy. Now I feel that the world is so educated, that I  dare to tell about me honest observation, and call upon every one else the do the same."


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