He saw a UFO on the way home from the field

UFO observationplace: Alstrup near Mariager, Denmark
Observations-date: The spring year 1958/59, about 08.15 p.m.
Observationstime: About 1 minute
Eye witnesses....: 1 

Alstrup near Mariager, Denmark

Location of the place for UFO observations in Denmark The eyewitness tells:

"It was in the spring of 1958-1959, where I as a hired-worker in the country near Alstrup which is near Mariager town, and I was working in the rower field. When the day about to end, and it was getting to dark to see the rows, I packed my gear and went on home.

As I was getting ready to go home, so I suddenly saw a sharp light in the sky, almost like a shooting star. It come in on the right side from where I was standing, that is out from the Skoedstrup Forests.

It came glideing towards Alstrup in a straight line, and then it suddenly stood still above the city. It was there for about 1 minute without moving, while it was throbing with the light.

After approximately one minute without moving, it began to glide again, and it was moving in the same direction, made a 90 degrees turn, and disappeared into space. That went quick. From it started to move again and to when it disappeared, not much more than two seconds had gone by.
Observed a UFO on the sky after working

At first I thought that I has seen a 'shooting star', and then 'a comet' and after that "nothing". I had never in that time on my life ever heard anything about UFOs.

Later on in my life, I have experienced other strange things, and I would gladly tell about those too.

Anonymous to the public

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