Boy saw a UFO above the house

UFO observationplace: Buddinge near Bagsvaerd, Denmark
Observations-date: The summer in the year of 1964/65
Eye witnesses......: 1
Information recieved: February 07., 2006

Buddinge, Denmark

Location of Buddinge, Denmark
At the observation time the witness to this incident, a boy 6-7 years old, and the occurrence has followed him ever since.
Let us give the word to the witness, and let him explain:

"It was a morning with sunshine in 1964 or 1965, I was 6-7 years old.
My mother was going downtown to do some shopping, however I did not want to go, as I had strained my foot and therefore had a limp.
I stayed at home by my self, which I was not particularly about, because I was scared to stay home alone.
I was walking around in our driveway, and it was a very calm area. suddenly I heard a weird sound, some like a tick and maybe a weak whistling too, but the sound was very weak."

"When I looked up in the sky a ´thing' glided past our back garden.
I was so scared that I went to hide my self behind the dustbin, however I was curious enough to so I ran around the house to look for it, however then they were gone.
It was a blank metal colored oval thing with a little rising, and something stuck out from the middle. The thing wasn't more than 20 to 30 meters from me."

"There wasn't any light or any marks on the thing. There were only one weird sound coming from it, as when you tap a finger nail against the table. It just slipped over the garden and across the house. It was close to the house, just two or three meters form the house."

"I did not even know there was something called a UFO, it was not until a couple of years before I realized that it could have been a UFO. The observation occurred in Buddinge near Bagsvaerd, where the freeway passes through against, Lyngby town. At that time they were building the freeway, and it glided along it. My address at the time was Espevangen 12, and our back garden faced the hill along the freeway."

The incident has followed me ever since, and I've frequently looked around the sky day and night when I have been outside, and I really hope to see one again some day. A lot of people do not believe in UFOs, however when you have seen one with your own eye, there is no doubt left."

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