12-year young girl saw UFO

12-year young girl saw UFO
UFO observationplace: Hoejby, Denmark
Observations-date: The autumn 2005, about 01.00 a.m. and 02.00 a.m.
Number of eyewitness: 2. 
Observationstime: About 5 minutes.

Information received, February 16th, 2007

Hoejby, Denmark
Location of Hoejby, Denmark

The witness tells:

"I am a 12 year old girl, and at one time I experienced something highly mysterious.

My family and me had been out to visit some people  we know, an autumn evening in 2005.
After midnight, between 01.00 and 02.00 a.m. we were on our way home, and while my family and my friend were putting on shoes, I went outside. (I wanted to go home quickly, because I was tired).
The sky were loaded from stars (I clearly remember that), and is was very calm. I think that I was looking for a shooting star, because suddenly something happened.
I find it hard to explain, but I´m going to give it a try:

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The object had light, so it was clear that it was round. I think it had two lights on each side. It was absolute calm, and not a sound could be heard.
The object ”rotated” down back at some trees, and it appeared as if it  was out of control, however it is not certain, as it could easily change  course.
As I was standing there and looking at the object, I was so speechless that I did not take a picture of it. However it was nearly too impossible, because the object was very  fast. ''Zoom'', and it disappeared behind the trees, without a sound, and with sharp lights.

I had desire to scream, when I saw it, and perhaps I did, but I shouted: "Come!!!!'' to my family and my friend, but my parents were talking, and o fcourse they did not come.
However my friend is always there for me, and she come running out to me, and fortunately she just saw 'the light glare'' from the object before it disappeared.
So there's were 2 witness.
I don´t known what it was, however it was not a plane, because the object was close to me and it was round.
I believe in UFOs of course, and I know that the human beings and those from others planets, soon will meet.

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What would I call the space people, I would call them curious. We are also curious about, what  they look like. And I think that looking at the pictures, it is clear that vessels have changes, as our ''aeroplanes'' has changed as well.
At night I have also seen some stars that have moved, and suddenly changed position. Example first it is on the  way to the right, and suddenly is it  falling a little, and then it goes to the left. UFOs?

Note: Maybe I will be making a drawing of my  observation, that I will send to you later.

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