UFO observed near Aalborg, Denmark

UFO observationplace: The Gug-area near Aalborg, Denmark
Observations-date: Wednesday, May 16th. 2007 time: 10.50 p.m.
Observationstime: Some minutes.

Gug, Aaalborg, Denmark

Location of Aalborg, Denmark
The witness and observer tells (look at the picture lower):

"A couple of hours ago I had a very weird and peculiar experience, that I´m still upset and choked by.
I've never believed in UFOs, however I can´t deny what I just have been a witness to.
I mad at myself for not bringing me camera and that I havn´t got a picture, but I was completely paralyzed by what I so.
I've tried to show it in a sketch drawing. I've only told about my experience to one person, because I myself think that it sound all demented to talk about.

Perhaps I still believe that there is a sound explanation to it all. However it is going to be difficult to fall asleep tonight.
What I so were at close range and really hope that others has seen the same because it is hard to be the only one at this time.
About 10.50 p.m. I am standing on terrace and this
object flies straight to me (near the Gug area, Aalborg).
I would of course be glad to hear that others have seen it too, I can not stop being suspicious and want to explain it. It sounds so mad.

The sketch
I aren't anyone fantastic designer, but I will gladly elaborate on observations.... I have to admit that I´m having trouble taking my self serious already.
Although I seen it with my own eyes, I have no reference anything like this.... I think I´m having difficulties accepting it. However I can briefly explain how I saw this weird "machine". It was as if the purple light (highly sharp) was what were holding the machine up a kind of magnet field or something like it.
The core - the inner part of the machine did not move around it self or anything.

UFO observation near Aalborg, Denmark
The sketch designed by eyewitness.
Click on the sketch for full size.

At first I saw it far away in the sky, and I believed it was a highly energetic star. However then it started to move and I thought it was a plane. However it did not move like a plane. Suddenly it is coming straight towards me and I am thinking that it is a meteor, on it´s way to earth, well were a lot of fast thoughts going through my brain at the time.

See the sketch in full size: click on the sketch

Not more than a couple of seconds go by, before the object starts to move until it is straight at my nose, it is close enough so that I can see details on it then it flies slowly past me and takes on speed and disappears at the back the construction gable / end in the horizon..... when it is closest to me, about 6-8 seconds goes by before it gone, I guess.
As I have said earlier I feel weird saying all of this, when I can not hold it up against anything I have ever seen before, "so the observer concludes."

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