A horrified woman paralyzed
UFO observationplace: Between Haslev and Fakse, Denmark
Observations-date: September 25th, 2006, time: 01.45 a.m.
Observations time: About 15 minutes.

Fakse, Denmark

Location of the area beetwen Haslev and Fakse, Denmark
The witness:

"How do I know for ascertain what I saw tonight  - maybe even if others have seen it too, without going to the press ?
Not that I don´t want to - or am afraid that people wont believe, and it really was terrified - although about 30 years ago I experienced something special, however back then I was together with other people.

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I was driving home from a trip to Haslev -  because it was late I chose to drive via Roennede Fakse to my resident in St. Toroeje halfway between Fakse and St. Heddinge, Denmark.

As I am driving towards the traffic light in Fakse on Koege road, I saw a highly distinct illuminated "start", and thought it was the "North star", no and it surprises me that it keeps getting bigger and bigger after the traffic light there is a distance of approximately 500-600 meter, where there are  plant and here I did not see anything.
Afterwards I am driving towards the railway crossing and it actually surprises me, that the light and looks like the lights on football fields - and it surprises me, because I know there isn´t any there.

On the top of the hill where Vaerloese is, I am looking at the sky to the right and up there not very far up is a ufo my belly is throbbing and my heart is pounding, not one car have I seen and there is no people to see, I was real scared although in a split second I thought, you ought to use the camera on the cellphone but I did not dare to, and then there a song beginning on the radio: "You are not alone - there is someone following you - this somehow made me a bit calm however I rushed home, as we said at that time.
When I turned off Stevnsvejen and was clear of the little forest I looked back towards Vaerloese however then there were nothing else but a dark night with a clear sky.

I known that I am mixing up both my emotions and my objectivity but have chosen to describe the course. At home I made a drawing and wrote everything down. The clock in the car displayed 01.45 a.m. as I was passing through the spot".


© UFO-SANDHEDEN ®, Denmark by Poul-Erik Nielsen, http://www.ufo-sandheden.dk - COPYRIGHT