Chief Flight Leader observed a UFO

UFO observationplace: Albertslund, Denmark
Observations-date: September evening in 1980,around 11:30 PM.
Observations-time: 4 minutes
Eye witnesses.....: > 8

Albertslund, Denmark

Location of the place for UFO observations in Denmark The witness tells:

"My parents and I are sitting in the livingroom looking out in the garden with the green area in the direction of the town Taastrup.
We are watching Soap on television, which was sent the first time in Danish television, this is why we sure of the year 1980, the year the series was sent for the first time ( stated by Danish Radio ), and the month, September with the title they sent, and we can remember what it was about, and we can also remember that it was at the end of summer, since the weather was still a little warm.

An almost clear sky that evening/night and there almost no wind, everything was calm and we were enjoying the last program in television.

My 2 sisters was sleeping and our dog was sleeping, in the other side of the house.

Our parents were sitting each there chairs, and I were sitting on the floor in the living room.

At one point I noticed a slight vibrating in the floor (at the time I was 14 year old), it became stronger and stronger and at a sometime a deep humming sound could be heard.

The dog come into the livingroom and went straight for the garden door, where the dog started to growl as if there were something in our small garden, and the birds my father had in garden started to move around in there small cages.

We went to look into the garden, and in the darkness we could see a lighting object object coming in the direction of Taastrup (open fields, and a huge green area of forest, a stream, a lake, and plenty of grass) and it was coming in our direction.

There is a buzzing sound, a vibrating in the House, and light is warm, soft and red from the subject thats flying in at low altitude.

When the subject flies slowly over our house, we could see that the object is circular, however, we cannot detect a possibly depth in the object.

There is no windows or otherwise, only a soft red light on everything, and the subject is flying about 30-50 meters above the ground, and at low speed.

As the subject is just above our house, we notice that it is the size of our ground 180 m2 and it does not stop, so we are running to the other side of the house.

There, we see that a few others of our neighbors ( 6 people ) also come out to look at the large flying subject.

It is now entering a very populated area, and suddenly speeds up, and the whole experiencing is over in the course of 3-4 minutes, and by then, the subject is completely gone.

It was flying from Taastrup, over Albertslund south, towards Ballerup/Glostrup.

My father was chief flight leader, and had knowledge of planes, and today we still agrees on that is was not a ordanary plane, it seemed more like some kind of machine (sound, light, and the constant height). My parents still do not know what we saw that night, and even today they do not believe in flying saucers.

However, I have no doubts that it was a visit from a outside this world and after that experience, I am quite sure that the universe have many more life forms around us.

The funny thing is that we neighbors never mentioned the incident to each other, and that the matter has never been mentioned in the press, and the day after my father went to Copenhagen airport (which was his workplace at the time) to see if planes had been in the air around us, NO FLIGHTS THAT NIGHT.

The experience was so strong that now 19 years after, I can remember all very clear and I will never forget it.

My experience through nineteen years
Today I am
Chief Flight Leader at Copenhagen Airport, and from my work I know that things are happening in the Danish Sky at regular interval, which cannot be explained and therefore cannot explained, these experiences disappears in the masses.

On the course of the 19 years, I have seen different strange light at long distance, which has moved very strange, one time at the highway bridge towards Amager, where cars were slowing down or stopped in the emergency lane to observe these light.
There is no doubt, UFOs exist ...

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