Young woman saw several UFOs

UFO observationplace: True near Aarhus
Observations-date: July 1977 about 10.40 p.m.
Eye witnesses: 3
Observations time: About 20 minutes.

Information received 2007 and 2011

True near Aarhus, Denmark

Location of the place for UFO observations in DenmarkEyewitness reports:

"In the summer of 1977 we moved to a new terraced house in True near Aarhus.
Because it was a mew built house, the area around the it were a open landscape withs open fields and trees further away.
One evening that summer I got a
weird experience. The time was about 10.40 p.m. when I were looking out the big windows in the living room, that faced the open fields and trees and also a fence.

Straight above the trees I saw a sharp and bright light.
So sharp, that it hard for my eyes to look at, however only for a moment because then the light faced down and was spreading out to the sides.

That clear light were changing sometime to a weak and the increasing reddish light and then back again to the sharp bright light.

observation places for UFO occurrence

Suddenly there were 10 small oval objects around the big object - that were round and a bit flat in the middle. It was as if the big object had hatchets or doors in the bottom, where the light come out from.
The small objects were all grey and with no light, they flew with great speed and suddenly they stopped. And all of a sudden all the smaller objects were gone, and moments later the big object was gone too.

I observe it for about 20 minutes. I will never forget that.

I got woken up my roommate, who had gone to bed to sleep, and called him into the room, and therefore we were two people who were eyewitness to this strange sight.

I told you about my experience with close family, which was then in 1977, did not talk too loudly about, but what I observed is true, and I saw what I saw, and there was talk about UFOs. I have never before or since experienced anything like this.

Now it's 30 years ago (2007), and I dare to admit it, and it is still stuck in my memory - as a very powerful experience.

Evy Vangsgaard

New information, August 2011:

We received August 15, 2011 e-mail from an additional witness to the above UFO sighting.

Thomas Jensen writes:

"A week ago, I came back to mind what I experienced as a child. I have never forgotten it, and am still thinking about it. I am today (2011) 45 years old.

I searched a bit on UFO sightings, where I found this website,

I am living in Aarhus, and to my enormous surprise, I read about a person in the town of True, as in the summer of 1977 had an experience virtually identical to my.

I was 11 at the time and lived at that time in Tilst with my parents. Tilst is a small town as True, and is just about 2 km away.

I woke up late one night and looked out the window from my room. The bed was just under the window, and as so often before, I looked out at the starry sky, if I woke up late at the night.
Here I saw a big bright light out across the fields, surrounded by numerous small lights that moved around where the large seemed to stand still. I remember that it was strangely close to the ground compared to normal air traffic. Remember also clear that the light changed color from white / yellow to reddish.

The observation lasted for several minutes, maybe 10, and ended abruptly.

Not as if they hovered away, but more as if the light was just off. I have never afterwards seen anything unusual, but this experience has spread deep in me, and let me certainly never.

You will understand my amazement / joy / surprise to read that another person in quite the same area and at the same time, had an almost identical experience with my".

Thomas Jensen

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