Motor cyclist observe large object

UFO observationplace: Fredsoe near Nykoebing Mors, Denmark
Occurrence-date: August 12th, 2008 time: 12.15 a.m.
Including photo.

Fredsoe near Nykoebing Mors

Location of Nykoebing Mors, Denmark
The witness, a motor cyclist, at his way home after nightshift, tells in his own words:

"I have just seen something inexplicable.

When I was on my way home from working a nightshift, driving on my motor cycle, I saw something down left in the horizon, a large sharp light in the sky. The time is 12.15 a.m.
It has the color of the Moon, however brighter and bigger, and I wonder what it could be.
I slow down and continues down a side way, however that bright and sharp light kept pending there in the sky. I felt that, I was getting closer to it.

I considered stopping get a picture with my mobil camera, however decided that, I would get even closer to it.
It was as if the longer I went down the road the closer I got to it.
I pass through a little forest in a distance of approximately 400 meters, and when I got through the forest, the object were suddenly far away, so I quickly got my camera and got two pictures, before it disappeared.
Because of the distance, the object is not so clear, on the pictures. And now I am mad at myself, because I did not take the pictures when I was closer to the object.
When I took the pictures I was on Asselsvej, Fredsoe near Nykoebing Mors.
I have never in my life seen anything like it".

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