UFO observed over Karleby, Denmark  
UFO observationsplace: Karleby, Denmark
Observationsdate: 1993-1996
Eye witnesses.....: 2

Karleby, Denmark

Location of Karleby, Lolland, Denmark
In question a experience me and my ex girlfriend had in the period 1993 - 1996, it is the nearest I can be come to the point in question. 

To cut a long story short:
The mentioned evening me and my ex girlfriend was having dinner at some of our friends in Roedby, Denmark.  We left the then around midnight and it surprised us that, when we got out to our car, there were frost at the sidewalk, that is a cold midsummer night.

We drove to our home in Karleby (Lolland, Denmark), and when stopped in the driveway in front of our white house with a black roof, suddenly the whole front was illuminated in a green color. We got out of the car and discovered that the weather was warmer, if anything hot and then there came with lightning speed a little light ball with the same color, very energetic (like from a flashlight) to the house with lightning speed around 2 meters from the ground, it stood calm in the air for a couple of seconds and disappeared to the back of the house where we could see the green reflections.

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We hurried to the back, however then it was gone on the other hand we saw a sharp white light in the sky in south-west direction. We are both very open minded and had a strong feeling that, we had just  experienced something quite unusual. We felt, that we had to "land" so we sat down in the garden sofa, and enjoyed the now warm midsummer night, that half an hour earlier had been bitter a cold one.

We decided to keep quite about this experience (it is best not to be "strange" in a little community such as Karleby).

However here is the funny part! Just 2 days later there were a article in the local newspaper with pictures from inexplicable circles in the grain field just a couple of kilometres to the southwest from our house!


Bjoern L.
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