Family sees UFO over Jyllinge
UFO observationplace: Jyllinge
Observations-date: 30th of august 2008 time 9:45 pm
Number Of Witnesses: 2.

Jyllinge, Denmark
Location of Jyllinge, DenmarkThe witness tells::

"Possible UFO observation in Jyllinge, Saturday the 30th of august 2008.

Me, my husband and our 2 children, was on this evening on our way home on our bicycless.
The time is about 9.45 / 9.50 pm.
My husband and son is driver past the new church in Jyllinge in direction towards Nordmarken, and my daughter and I choses to drive on Nordmarksvej (Normarks road), also towards Nordmarken.

My daughter is 7 years old and she is tired, and my only concern is to get her safely home, but on the way up the hill, that turns towards Roskilde Inlet, I see in the grass area a light also sweeping over it, as it a car was doing it, but there were not a car to be seen at this time.

I wonder just a second, but pushes it away, as my only concern is to get my tired daughter home.

But when we got home, and our children had gone to bed, my husband tells me that he and my son saw a strange light, when they were passing the new Jyllinge Church. They stopped and look at it for a while, as they thought it look strange.

He describes it like this:
They see a sharp light moving across the sky. The light was so sharp that he quickly could see that it was no ordinary plane.
It goes kind of round and thereafter it stands relative still.
He records it on his mobile phone, but it only shows a bright lighting, jumping point.
As he is telling me this, the sweeping light jumps to my mind, which I saw my self, and I remember seeing it as we drove past the new church in Jylling.

If you have received observations like this today, or if you have a different "natural" explanation for what we saw today, I would be happy if you can/want to tell me about it.
It is the first time we see anything like this, and my husband do not believe in UFOs, me on the other hand is convinced that it is just that what we saw."

Pia U.