SAS pilots observed UFO in Jutland

SAS pilots observed UFO in Jutland

Incident-date: February 03, 1999
Place: Jutland Coast, Denmark

The incident took place on February 03, 1999 off the jutlandic coast':

The pilots in four (4) different aircraft, had a experience for life, as they were flew off the jutlandic coast on February the 3. 1999. A UFO flew past them in a large shining light.

The pilot of a jet from Debonair, with room for 96 passengers had the best view to this strange object. The plane started from Linköbing in Sweden and the destination is Humberside in England.

Flying over the jutlandic coast, the pilot suddenly sees a bright light moving towards him with tremendous speed. "The pilot reported it as being a strong and red light. Franco Mancassola director of Debonair says: "The object suddenly stops, before it disappeared along the plane with very high speed".

The Danish flight leader Soeren Schütt confirmed the story, beside from the Debonair pilot, two Sabena-plane pilots reported the same episode.

An English radar station furthermore report that they for a period of five minutes intercept signals from a UFO (unidentified flying object). There was no military airplanes in the area at the time.

The four crew members all agreed that it could not have been northern lights, a satellite or other aircrafts.

The incident was also printed in the newspapers, in Denmark could read among others in the BT on April 29., 1999.