Unidentified objects over the town of Horsens
- Several family members observed several objects for about 15 minutes -

Observationplace: Horsens, Denmark
Observationsdate..: 23th of april, 2009, Time: 04:15 p.m.
Observationstime..: 15 minutes
Eye witnesses......: 3

Horsens, Denmark
Thursday the 23th of april 2009, around 4.15 to 4.30 pm, father and son observed from two different places, several the object at the sky.

Witness number 1, The son, Jesper tells in his own words:

"It was thursday afternoon, I had just returned home from work, and the kids were playing outside in the lovely weather. After a while, I was looking up into the almost clear sky, here I spot a large eagle of some kind, I get my binoculars to get a closer look, as other birds were making a lot of fuzz in the sky.

As I were standing there looking after the  bird to the north, I see a white object in my binoculars, at first I thought is was a aeroplane , as it was about the same size. The time is approximately 4.15 pm and I am looking towards the north at about 10 degrees over the horizon. The object is moving about the same speed as a aeroplane, from the north to the south. After a while age, it surprises me that, there are no wings to be seen, and that it looks like a white disc of some kind. When the object comes to about 30 degrees over the horizon, it stops and is standing completely still. The object is swinging a little and it looks as it is a disc, as it alternaly turns from the flat side to a upright position.

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Reconstruction, made in PhotoShop by the witnesses.
Reconstruction, made in PhotoShop by the witnesses.

It is difficult to tell the size of the object, as it is impossible to judge the height, however it is about the same size as a aeroplane.After the object has been standing still for some minutes, it start to accelerate and fly further up in the sky. Suddenly there are 6 small objects catching up with the large object, these object are metal blank and shines in the sun, otherwise the head object, that is white. The small objects are only about 1/4 of the size of the large object. (The pictures to left is a reconstruction, made in PhotoShop, to give a idea of what the objects looked like.) They "dance" around the head  object like a bee swarm, and the head object is now standing still. Just as the head object stops, the small object positioning them selves with great accuracy around the large object, as were it clockwork with the large object in the middle. They are standing still like this for about 5 minutes.

My wife also gets to look through the binoculars and she also sees the large white object and they small metal objects. I see a chance to call my father and I know that he also have binoculars. I call him up whitout loosing sight of them, if you look with the naked eye they are hard to see. After some confusion as to where the objects were, he  finally spots them and we are now both standing and looking at them and talking about what it could be. The small objects starts to break up and fly away, only two are left. These two objects are following the large object that has started to move again. The objects flies back and forth for a while, and then flies slowly back to the north. Here a couple of the small object is meeting them, so there is now one large object and four small blank metal objects. Now the large object is turning around, and is flying towards the south, as it is nearly above my head, I lay down on the lawn to get a better look.

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However I can not see them with the binoculars nor with the naked eye. I call my father again, to hear if he can see anything. He tells me that he saw the object turn 90 degrees and move to the west, and then he also lost sight of them. I have no  explanation as to how this could be, I discussed it with my father of course. We talked about that it could have been a balloon or a helicopter. There is a helicopter school just outside of Horsens, and we are used to see them fly around. However whatever explanation we came to, we could not get it to add up. When the small objects were moving it was with very high speed, about 4 times faster then a aeroplane.

Witness number 2, The father, Ole, in his own words:

At about 4.30 pm on the 23th of april I am calling my son. He standing outside in his garden and is looking at a strange phenomenon in his binoculars. I quickly get my own binoculars and rush outside. With the mobile phone in one hand and the binoculars in the other, I get instructions from my son as to where I can find the phenomenon. I cant see it with the naked eye so I look through the binoculars.

The sky is blue and almost cloudless. After a couple of misunderstanding about east and west, I see in the binoculars a milk-white object. At about 8 and 5 o´clock at some distance from the milk-white object there are two somewhat smaller metal shining objects. The small objects is not standing completely still, and they seem "nervous". The small object at at 8 0´clock suddenly makes a move towards the large object and back again. Almost like some kind of jump. Back and forth in less than a second.

A couple of seconds later the two small objects dissapeared so fast that I can not say in  what direction for sure. Possibly towards the north-west. The large object is staying in the same spot. It is standing high in the sky to the north, about 70-80 degrees up. The sun is standing low to the left (west south-west) and it is so that the object is illuminated by the.

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After we had look at the object for about 5 minutes without any movement or activity, we hang up the phone, as it is kind of hard to hold the binoculars with one hand for a long period of time. We agree that we will be talking later. After some additional minutes, the object starts to move slowly to the south, that is even higher up in the sky. I am laying down on the lawn with the binoculars to get it more stabile. The motion is slow and after a short hold, it moves a little to the south, south-west (against the sun). Then the  object makes a sharp turn to the  north-west (a turn of about 110-120 degrees). The speed is still slow, however it does not turns in a arc, more like in a "crack" without changing speed. Suddenly the object is gone. I notice the direction, it is just gone. After looking at the spot in the sky where it dissapeared, for about 5 minutes, I give up. Our son calls again. He to has lost sight of the object. If I were to judge the size of the object, I would compare it to a aeroplane flying across the sky in high altitude. I had about the same vibrations in my binoculars from that distance, so the sensation were, that the object were about the same size of a aeroplane. I'll will also say that the object was quite clear in the binoculars, and there were none fins or things like that sticking out from the object. It was all smooth. When I knew exactly where it was at the sky, I could also see it with the naked eye.

I sensed in the beginning that the object was round, however as I observed the object it changed form in the beginning. As though that it sometimes were more elliptic in shape. I started therefore to sense, that I saw a arched under side of a object, that were not round. The observation took place in Horsens South and lasted for my part about 15 minutes. It was a strange sensation, to see such a object in bright daylight. I am used to see a lot of strange lights at night, as I have  two mirror telescopes, a large one and a small portable one. I have often seen various aeroplane in various altitudes and distances with my binoculars. It was for sure not a aeroplane, a balloon, nor a helicopter or something else i have seen before. The two small objects I got to see for a short while were also unusual. Especially their sudden movements and the strange way they were shining. As though they themselves the were lightning or were all blank and metal like, as to the large object were milk-like and illuminated by the sun.

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