Strangely light over Greve, Denmark
Place of observation: Greve, Sjælland, Denmark
Observation-date: 14. august 2012, kl. 10.50 p.m.
Eyewitnesses: 1

Greve, Denmark

Observationssted, Greve, DanmarkThe eyewitness reported:

"Approximately 10.50 p.m. was a very bright light, stronger than the brightest star, calmly and silently gliding at high altitude from the southwest.

The apparently followed Køge bay from Køge, and near Greve turned it toward the southeast where it slowly became red light and turned off.

At the same time came more aircraft, all of which clearly winked which clearly showed what was aircraft and what there might be something else ...

My first thought, it was a plane …. but no, it could not be a plane…..

The direction of UFO sighting
The direction of UFO sighting

The light changed direction and went out over the water to the southeast and shone still as strong – means rear view - which was then slowly faded and turned red and disappeared ....

As I have told, there were many planes in the air as everyone clearly had lights and two landing lights on.

It's probably like 99 % other observations "just" a plane, but I live in an area with many low-flying aircraft with landing lights on and thus has some experience in seeing what's what - this was completely different.

In addition, I went on flightRader24 to see if there were planes that flew, as I had seen it - but it was not"



y Poul-Erik Nielsen, ht

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