6-7 flying objects over Oelstykke
- after this observation was the man of the family convinced - UFOs are real - 

UFO Observationsplace: Oelstykke, Denmark
Date of the observation: August 13., 2014 at 08.45 p.m. to 09.05 pm
Observation time: > 10 minutter
Number of witnesses:


Observationssted, Ølstykke, Danmark Eyewitness reports:

On August 13, 2014, my husband and I went out to walk with our dog around 23 o'clock in the town of Oelstykke in Denmark.

Our attention was directed towards the sky in a westerly direction, when the sky was repeatedly stated that when it thunders between clouds (presumably thunder far away).

Suddenly we saw a strong yellow light (color as halogen yellow) in the sky in a westerly direction. At first we thought it was a fly that lighted emergency landing light, but it was more yellow and more powerful, and far down, only about 200 meters above the ground, and we thought it was a plane that had to make an emergency landing.
UFO observationsarea
The map shows the Location of witnesses, when UFO was observed

The lights had come so close to the ground, so we could only see them through the treetops until they disappeared down behind trees.

The point from which we observed objects, were higher than where we saw the objects before they disappeared behind the tree crown and towards the ground.

My husband photographed the phenomenon of mobile phone several times, but the pictures can only see streetlights and not the yellow lights, even though we with the naked eye still so the yellow light more clearly than the street lights far away.

There was no sound at all, and if it had been helicopters, airplanes, etc., we could clearly hear the engine noise and see more light from each object than one.

When we came home with the dog, I cycled down to the area where we had seen the lights disappear down, but there was nothing to see in the darkness beyond the meadow and the lake.

My husband never believed in UFOs or the like, but after this vision, he is convinced that this here was not anything we have seen so far, and have no logical explanation for the phenomenon and is not averse to believe it can be UFOs. ....

When we told our daughter about UFO experience, she told me that she was a few weeks earlier had seen a similar yellowish light moving in the sky when she was out walking the dog, at 23 o'clock (daughter lives in Stenloese), and the light was towards Oelstykke, and she also wondered about that light, and thought at first it might be a shooting star, but it was grammed stable movement and the same size light all the time and much closer to the floor plane or shooting star".


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