4 flying objects east of Faaborg, Denmark
Observation-place: Faaborg, towards east of Svanninge Hills
Observations-date: 02. february 2012, at 23.30
Observationstime: 10 minutes
Eye witnesses: 2

Faaborg, Denmark

Observationssted, Faaborg, Danmark The eyewitness explains:


"I lay in my bed and looked out the bedroom window (oblique window) where I saw the four fast moving objects in the sky - 2 red and 2 green.

Many times I looked out of the window and seen planes in the sky. This was no plane, no doubt about it. I just know that it was UFOs! The objects were moving at high speed, both horizontally and vertically - swapped positions with each other.

I woke Erik (my husband) so he could see the observations. We considered them long until they disappeared".
The Objects moving with fast twitch both horizontally and vertically and exchanged mutual space  

”The four objects were about twice as large as stars, and seemed to be slightly oval in shape horizontally.

The four objects switched relative positions in the sky at lightning speed and angular movements, that is jerky (first horizontally then vertically immediately - and also in reverse order) instead of slanted movement.

It almost looked like they were dancing.

My wife was utterly convinced they were about UFOs, but I hesitated and looked it over.
Moreover, I did not know where I could report it".

Elisabeth & Erik