UFO photographed over Odense, Denmark

Observation-place:: Odense, Denmark
Occurrence-date: Feb., 15th. 1974 at 05.00 p.m.

Eye witnesses: 1 + film negatives

Odense, Denmark

Mr. Jorma Viita, who was born i Finland and later moved to Denmark to secure employment, reported its UFO sighting which includes photos and negatives

Original fotografi af Jorma Viita
Original photograph by Jorma Viita

Eyewitness explains:

“This all happened on Feb. 15, 1974 at about 5.00 p.m. in Odense, Denmark. The skies was clear with no clouds; the sun was just setting. I was on my way to the local karate club. I had a camera with me, because I was going to take some pictures at the club.”

“I took my bicycle and drove to the main highway. At once I saw a saucer-shaped figure passing me from the left. At the moment it was impossible to take a picture, because the UFO was behind the trees. So, I turned around and started chasing the saucer on my bicycle. I drove as fast I could for about 300 meters.”

 Origianl foro af Jorma Viita
Original photograph by Jorma Viita

“I don’t know how fast the UFO moved, but the speed of a helicopter came into my mind. Then, I stopped my bike and aimed my camera. I noticed that the saucer had stopped. I shoot the first picture, after which I saw the UFO move again. I saw how it slowly turned upside down and speeded up. Then, I shot my second and third picture. On the third picture you can see the UFO upside down. Now the saucer speeded up and disappeared in a few seconds on the northeastern skies.”

“My observation time was two to three minutes and the UFO was approximately 300 feet above the ground. Its diameter was 25 to 30 feet and its height was about six feed. It has a cabin construction with black holes on the sides. Its color was silver-grey. On the bottom I saw some sort of reddish hole with smoke around it. I also heard a humming sound.”

“My camera was a Agfa Optima 500 Sensor and my film was Ilford FPT 135. After this encounter I had a terrible head-ache for about two weeks.”

Mr. Jorma Viita sent the original negatives of the pictures of the UFO to the UFO Study Center of Finland. Later, the negatives were returned to Mr. Viita.
The photos have not been evaluated by MUFON.

(Mr. Viita have new encounter of June 22th 1974 at 02.30 p.m. in Odense, Denmark. To this observation, there was four eyewitness).

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