UFO brought to a halt, the carriage
- and then sent a bright light over the car -

Meeting/Observationsplace: Between Give and Bredsten, Denmark
Date of the observation: September night, 1995
Eyewitness: 1

Give, Denmark

Locations of Give, Denmark
UFO put the car out of service, and suddenly the car was illuminated by a bright light and the witness observed a saucer-shaped craft over the car.

The witness, Claus Lundholm, describes the UFO occurrence:

"When I was driving in my car between the town of Give and Bredsten (Denmark), one september night, 1995, started the car suddenly misbehaving; wonder speedometer pointer went to the extreme position, thermometer signal rose to the red field and windshield wipers began running at full speed, although they were not lit and engine coughed and chopped.

At the time, I found myself about Smidstrup thicket, and I had to run into a layby, whereupon the vehicle engine stopped itself. It was dark out there on the road.

I tried to start the car, but nothing happened, it could not start. Although the key was turned on, there came no light in the charging lamp, all electrical in the car was dead.

When I had stayed there for about four minutes, I suddenly felt a strange sensation of pressure "from above", a form of physical impact, but it's hard to describe.

UFO sighting location

Without any warning, and without the slightest sound, the car suddenly strongly lit by a bright light, coming from above, and this strong light blinked odd intervals. I looked up through the windshield, and observed a giant saucer-shaped craft hang over the car.

I was scared, but nevertheless opened the driver's door and put my left foot out on the road, leaned over the body while the left hand was onto the top of the car door, and the right hand held the steering wheel. At the same time I looked up and around, to see what it was that hung above the car.

The light was very dazzling, and I had to squint. I saw a large saucer-shaped craft hang over the car, and there was absolutely no sound. Disc outer edge was dark, in the light of the stars. A little further towards the center of the saucer-shaped craft, I could see a series of concentric circles of light that sat closer to the nearer they were in the middle of the disc.

When I shortly after put me into the car and closed the door, I could see the light from the disk illuminated all the way on both sides of the car and the light was sharply defined.

I rolled down the window and leaned out the window, and looked up again, but shortly after I pulled my back, and now I saw that the brightness of the object was weaker - just like when you turn down the lights. A moment later it was very weak, but it flashed still in a weird way.

The saucer-shaped craft was moving (hovering) slowly forward in front of the car. The object continued slowly float away toward the trees nearby, and still hovered very low.
Then disappeared object, in a matter of seconds, out of sight, still without the slightest sound.

I sat back in the dark. Three or four minutes after the object had disappeared, I tried again to start the car engine. This time it worked, and everything electrical on the car functioned normally."

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