UFO filmed over Odense, Denmark

Observation-place:: Odense, Denmark
Occurrence-date: June., 19th. 2012 at 01.57 p.m. and 08.00 p.m.

Eye witnesses: 1 + videofilm

Odense, Denmark

The witness found himself with her friend in an allotment in Odense, where they sat and enjoyed themselves. Suddenly observe the witness a UFO in the sky.

One frame from  the UFO video

The eyewitness explains:

"I and my friend sat and relaxed in her allotment. At one point, suddenly I observed a dark disc-shaped object which seems fairly close. The object looked like a classic flying saucer (known as UFO).

The object found itself as a fixed point where it was not moving. After a few seconds, it started to float around. I observed the object about 3 minutes when it is still silently floated farther and farther away.

At one point I observed that another object, and the object hovered around this object. I could not hear any sound from the objects. My friend observed not objects, because she sat and talked on the phone."

Line drawing of the UFO observation.

Drawing of UFO obvservationen

"The drawing on the left shows my UFO sighting.
The exact distance to the object, I can not tell for sure, but will immediately count on about 800 meters.
It seems that the object changed shape since it was hovering, but whether it actually happened I do not know.
I also observed a large object that UFO circled around ".

Brian Jorgensen

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