Observed UFO live
- UFO observed midway between the towns Klovborg and North Snede, Denmark -

UFO Observationsplace: Between Klovborg and Noerre-Snede, Denmark
Date of the observation: March 12th, 2014
Observation time: > 4 minutes
Number of witnesses: 2


Noerre-Snede, Denmark

The witness reports:

"We found ourselves in a cars as passengers when we midway between Klovborg westwards towards Noerre Snede, Denmark, we observed something unusual in the sky.

UFO observations
The map shows the Location of witnesses, when UFO was observed

An object moving through the atmosphere at very high speed.

In north-easterly direction 'father' of the orange light inside the cloud, which happens very fast. No helicopter or ground planes can perform such a maneuver. I would say that we found ourselves 3-4 kilometer from the object at this time.

The car comes to a halt and I stepped out of the car for a closer look at the object / observation. I observe that the object doing the same pattern again, and finally remain inside the cloud a short period, after which it floated away in a northerly direction.

I am a simple and perfectly normal man who just go to work, take care of my life, my family, but suddenly things happen, which I shall consider.

I understand the progress that is inside our TV / media world - and that one should not believe all that crap, for example, will be posted on YouTube and other media. But now, in this case, I observed this LIVE which no reasonable person can ignore or explain away with all that we are stuffed with the media - such as it is a hot air balloon, the defense keeps exercise, or that it was a flares, I observed reality live.

In my world, it would be too naive to think that we are the only intelligent beings in the universe.

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