11-year-old boy observed a UFO
- early at the morning, before school hours, the boy were scared when he observed a UFO -

Observationplace.........: Solrød, Denmark
Date of the observation: 1981, time: 06:00 - 06:15 a.m.
Observationstime........: 15 minutter
Number of witnesses...: 1

Solroed Strand, Denmark

Locations of Solroed, Denmark
The eyewitness tells:

”When I was 11 years old, I lived with my parents in Solroed Strand, from which I biked to school each morning in Solroed.

My parents met early in the morning at work, and because the “leisurehome” opened not so early in the morning, I biked to some of my parents friends, where I was until I was going to school.

I biked always along the same route, but this morning was the route differently, much different, because when I came to the end of the road I heard a kind of a buzzing sound, which I had not previously heard.
It was like the sound came from Koege Road, and at that time in the 1980s there were not many cars on the road as today.

I stopped at the T-intersection, which at that time lay a yellow house, and looked up in the direction of the humming sound.

UFO observed in Solroed, early at the morning by an 11-year-old boy.

Suddenly I became aware of "something" just above the treetops, an object (object), which was a bit difficult to spot, since it was a bit dark, but under object flashed three lights in red, white and green, but the UFOet was difficult to watch, but it looked as though it was in stainless steel and glossy.

I was scared but continued cycling during the tunnel where I stopped again and turned me around to see if the object had disappeared, but it was still there, and I saw how it quietly hovered after me.

When I stopped up again, the object stopped too, and it stayed hovering just above the electric cables by train tracks.

I've been about 20 meters from the object's location. Suddenly it started to hover out over Koege Bay, and it happend very fast. Immediately, I will I calculate the objects acceleration to be from 0-100 km in just two seconds.

When I came over to my parents ' friends, I told them what I had observed, and I drew it as I had seen. When I came to school on the same day, I was made a mockery of the teacher.

Later, the same day when I came home in the afternoon, I told my observation for my mother,, which, by the way, every day bought the BT-newspaper. She had read in the newspaper about a boy from Aarhus (Denmark), who had observed the same as I, just by five-minute intervals."

Michael Petersen

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