9 year young girl observed a UFO

9-year young girl observed UFO
- observed in day light on a cloudless sky, and observed UFO again after 10 year -

Place of the UFO observation: Area of Fyn, Denmark
Observation date: Look at the text
Observation time: > 10 minutes
Number of witnesses:

Area Fyn, Denmark

UFO observation in this area of DenmarkThe eyewitness to the incident, wanted to remain anonymous, which we respect. 

Eyewitness reports:

When I was around 8 - 9 years old, I was sitting  in my room on the  1. floor (in a place on Funen, where I grew up), and looked out of the window, it was a bright and clear day.
Suddenly, I see a black "thing" hanging in the sky. It seemed far away, it´s a little hard to tell, since it been many years ago.

This "thing" - a black cigar formed object, were hanging there in the sky for a long time. After 5 to 10 minutes, I went to get father, he also found it to be very strange,  he do not know what it was, and he did not believe in UFOs.

I stayed in my room to look at it, and after another 15 to 20 minutes, I went to get my father again, and told him that it was still there! When we come back to my room, it was gone.

Several years later, about 10 years, my husband and I went to visit my father and spend the night there.
We are in the same room. My husband woke up as the the room is filled with a strong dazzling light that came from the outside, about 200 meters away, hangs a UFO.

My husband goes to the window, and from here he can clearly see it.
It´s big and in the shape of a cone. In the lower half, there is a lightpanel. It´s hovering low, how low is difficult to say.
The next my husband remember is that his hands is on the radiator, which is hanging under the window.

He looks at me sleeping. Suddenly it all seems very unreal, he can´t remember and how it disappeared, and by now he was unsure if it was all a dream.
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He still feels that is was not a dream, because emotions and the confusion was very authentic, and as he stood there by the radiator, he felt it as some time was lost as if he were virtually paralyzed.

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