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This incident is 100 % genuine, experienced by the person behind this domaine. Danish policeman stopped by a UFO. He saw a big silver-gray object, he took fotos. Why is it hanging in the air, mum ? A big cigar-formed object was hanging in the air.Chief physician observed UFO at the night from the window in his house.13-year old girl stopped cycling and UFO stopped just above her head.
Aalborg-2UFO over FynOdense-3JordrupBornholm
Eyewitness: I am standing on terrace and this object flies straight to me.9-year young girl observed cigar-formed UFO. Observations time: 10 min.Captured three photos of the UFO (cigar-formed object) over Odense.cigar-shaped UFO sighted by a farmer and worker during harvest.UFO sighted and photographed i Oesterlars, Bornholm, (Denmark.